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As part of its socially responsible policy, Prointer ITSS Company supports young, talented, innovative and ambitious people, as well as Nikolić Stanivuković from Banja Luka, one of the best young athletes in BiH.


Nikolija Stanivuković, one of the best young athletes in BiH, is proof that success does not come overnight. So far she has participated in numerous competitions, both at the level of our state, as well as at the Balkan, European and world level. She competes in heptathlon.


The collection of medals and awards won by this young girl is truly impressive, and so far has broken down several records. She is among the rest of the successful student of the Faculty of Mathematics - Mathematics and Informatics.


This modest girl with the sports spirit is one of the brightest examples for all girls, but also for boys who will decide in the future to do sports and science. Nikolija works hard to overcome all obstacles. Prointer ITSS, as part of its socially responsible philosophy, supports young, talented, ambitious and innovative. We are proud of Nikolija Stanivuković, who is, as a receiver of our scholarship, part of our company.

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