Prointer and Dwelt sign partnership agreement

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Prointer ITSS CEO Bojan Vujic and Dwelt startup director Stefan Krneta signed a Partnership Agreement last night in Banja Luka. With this agreement, Prointer and Dwelt are establishing technological cooperation that, in addition to the exchange of knowledge and experience, will enable joint appearance in the markets. Bojan Vujic pointed out that they have long realized in Prointer that today there are no more large and small enterprises, but that there are only ideas and products that are worthwhile.

“Our collaboration is an example of how quality stories in the IT sector can be effectively linked. And this event is part of our desire to send a special message that big companies like Prointer should also recognize innovation in our society. We have tested our cooperation in the past months through several pilot projects that have proven to be a good basis for deepening our relationships. We have confirmed that by signing the agreement." said Prointer Director Bojan Vujic.

Prointer, as one of the leading domestic IT companies with more than 80 employees, is particularly interested in Dwelt's software, Platform X. It is a vision for the digital transformation of the energy sector and is intended for green, smart energy providers. Platform X's software solution for companies means reducing network losses, finding illegal energy use, predicting energy needs, creating energy profiles for space, but also supporting chargers for electric vehicles. Dwelt's concept is to look for strategic partners, large system integrators and energy consulting firms.

"So our software solution is already known to the German, Austrian, and Swiss market, and we are also negotiating with companies from the Middle East and Africa. In terms of the home market, we wanted synergy with the best in the IT sector, because, in the Platform X product, my team invested years of effort, work, and knowledge. Prointer is one of the strongest IT companies in BiH, with the cooperation of the world's largest vendors such as SAP, IBM, Microsoft. That is why it is a special honor for Dwelt to be on such a partner list”, said Dwelt CEO Stefan Krneta.

Krneta explained that the idea of ​​developing his software platform stemmed from an analysis of the operations of energy companies in Austria and Germany. Globally, the entire energy sector is in the process of digital transformation, and energy consumption is constantly growing, making Platform X an adequate response to the modern demands of energy companies.



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