Enlit Europe 2022

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The path of energy transition is difficult and full of challenges, but one thing is crystal clear – regardless of borders, the common goal is clean, affordable and reliable energy for all.

With this message, the prestigious energy fair "Enlit Europe", which was held from November 29 to December 1 in Frankfurt, gathered leaders from this field, who are driving the energy transition with their projects and technologies.

"Enlit" is, in fact, much more than a fair – it is a kind of energy community that collaborates 365 days a year, looking for the best and most innovative solutions, and that's why we were honored to be part of this story.
Solutions for the energy transition are the focus of most significant global companies, which are aware that this process has different characteristics for each region, but that, overall, there are two common issues - how to develop and use energy and how to increase its trade.

The company Prointer, in its presentation in Frankfurt, focused on the ProCity information system, more precisely LED lighting.

It is a lamp that lights up using a LoraWAN modem, which is located on it, sends data and controls the operation of this lighting fixture.

This kind of lighting system enables the recording of lamps and similar devices in the complete system, turning them on and off by groups and defined zones, individually or all at once, with an unlimited number of light flux changes during the day. Also, it is a system that can be managed on the interactive map itself, with the display of faults, automatic creation and overview of consumption.

"Enlit Europe" gathers all those who already have answers or know how to get them in the process of energy transition, and that is why this fair is extremely important for domestic leaders in the world of information technology and energy.



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